In Hoover

Jim Reddoch was a leader in Alabama’s Department of Mental Health for years before becoming its commissioner in 2012. As a member of Governor Robert Bentley’s Cabinet, the hope is that some much needed attention will be given to the poorly attended mental health care system in the state.

In the meantime, residents of Hoover, Alabama and other towns across the state who are in need of mental health treatment will need to look elsewhere for the comprehensive care they need to make effective progress in healing. Are you ready to find a high-end treatment program for you or your Hoover loved one? Call us today.

Private Mental Health Treatment Offers Comprehensive Care

Though the state budget is worrisome for a number of reasons, Alabama residents in need of mental health treatment can still get the therapeutic intervention they need through private programs. In fact, a treatment program that takes place under one roof and managed by one therapeutic team is far more effective than sitting for months on a waiting list in order to meet once a week with a therapy intern who may or may not have any specialized training in your disorder.

Private mental health treatment centers are staffed by highly educated specialists who can handle medication and therapy treatment, and adjust both as needed as you progress. Are you ready to get started?

One Call Can Connect You to the Right Mental Health Treatment Program for Your Needs

Dial the phone number listed above to speak to a mental health treatment expert about your needs in mental health care. We can assist you in finding the best possible program to address your symptoms today. Call now.