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Montgomery, Alabama is a city that is known for its military base and colleges. This means that there is a diverse group of residents in the area, and that can mean that a wide variety of mental health issues exist amongst this population. Most notable is post traumatic stress disorder amongst those members of the military who are in Montgomery, Alabama. (See related: Birmingham Mental Health Treatment)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and the Military

It wouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the American troops based in Montgomery, Alabama have probably faced stresses in life that many others could only dream of. Those who have gone off to war, traumatizing training situations or responded to other catastrophic situations can have devastating memories that stay with them for life. It’s not an easy job, and being in the military is not for everyone. The troops can face serious cases of post traumatic stress disorder, suffering severe anxiety attacks and flashbacks when something reminds them of a traumatizing experience (See Coping with PTSD).

Post traumatic stress disorder is something that may not be understood by family members. People expect their loved ones to return home just as they were when they left, but that just is not the reality of facing what the military does when it affects them psychologically.

Treatment for PTSD

While some may think those suffering from post traumatic stress disorder can simply “get over it” or “forget about it” it runs so much deeper than that. Recovery for PTSD is extensive and it doesn’t happen overnight. But, help is available for individuals in Montgomery, and in the area there are specific programs that cater to the military, including some that are subsidized in order to assist those who have served their country.

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