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The oil and gas business is Alaska’s greatest economic industry, and many are employed because of its natural resources. But life in the sometimes harsh conditions of Alaska’s outdoor jobs can be harsh. Many men and women are able to physically endure the cold, hard winters but find themselves suffering from any number of psychological disorders as a result. Depression, anxiety and severe mood swings are commonplace during the long winter months and extended periods without sunlight. Essential to the well being of these modern day frontiers people are the mental health treatment centers of Alaska.

Mental Health Disorders in Alaska

People who suffer from depression, anxiety, and borderline personality disorder can live devastating lives if proper help is not sought. Depression and anxiety sometimes go hand in hand and can ruin a person’s perspective and hope for a bright future. Borderline personality disorder has symptoms such as anxiety and depression, as well as extreme anger and rage. It is important that these mood disorders are treated properly for the benefit of the individual and the small communities that exemplify Alaska.

Help for Mood Disorders in Alaska

There are many avenues that one can turn to if suffering from a mood disorder. Family doctors, health care providers, and hospitals are all fantastic resources for assistance. Rehabilitation and stress treatment clinics as well as mood disorder clinics are readily available and often offer financial assistance. Prescription medication and psychiatry can also be a useful aid in managing behavioral problems, and can often lead to a normal, healthy life. Ongoing medical supervision may be necessary, so it is important that you see a medical professional or psychiatrist to help you with your issues. Lifestyle changes need to be made, and these resources can help. Coping strategies are plentiful, and mood disorders can become manageable with the right help.

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