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When police officers in Casa Grande, AZ, attempted to transport an individual to a residential mental health facility in 2011, things did not go as planned. Realizing how unequipped they were to respond to these types of situations, officers realized the need for crisis intervention team training. The training teaches officers about mental illness, helping them to recognize a mental health crisis and teaching them how to respond appropriately. The officers, mental health specialists and citizens all recognize the benefits that this kind of training provides

Families and Friends

For those who are in close relationships with individuals suffering from mental health issues, life can seem quite difficult. Taking care of your loved one without neglecting your own needs may be a hard thing to balance, but it is possible. Below are some things to keep in mind as you care for and interact with your loved one:

  • Keep your own health a priority. Continue to exercise, eat well, get rest, engage in hobbies and activities, and spend time with loved ones.
  • Leave the therapy to trained professional care providers. Being the best friend or family member that you can be is enough.
  • Set appropriate boundaries and limits for your loved one’s behavior.
  • Find healthy ways to cope with your reactions to your loved one’s behavior. If necessary, seek the help of a professional counselor.

Learning to Cope

If you believe that someone you love in Casa Grande is struggling with mental health issues and needs help, we can assist you in finding the appropriate mental health treatment. Get more information on how professional care can help your loved one cope with mental health issues and live a healthier, more balanced life.

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