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When a young woman drove herself and her infant son through an airport gate near Goodyear, Arizona, her mother told law enforcement that her daughter had a long history of mental health issues. Though law enforcement thought that the young lady may have been under the influence at the time of the incident, her mother is adamant that she simply struggles with the effects of untreated bipolar disorder.

Said her mother: “She’s not going to be stable until she gets on medication. I’m so scared. I’m at a loss of how to help her. I’m just really hoping someone can advocate for her.”

If your loved one is living in Goodyear with the effects of bipolar disorder or another mental health disorder, treatment and medication can significantly improve their quality of life. Call now to learn more about the types of treatment and programs that are available to patients today.

When You Have Nowhere to Turn

So many parents feel the same desperation and fear described by the mother quoted above. When a child, no matter what age, continues to suffer due to a lack of appropriate mental health treatment, it can be devastating. What can you do?

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