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The military men and women who faithfully serve our country are real heroes who often face difficult circumstances. When transitioning to civilian life, they often find themselves facing a number of hardships, one of which is mental health issues. Near Maricopa, AZ, County Attorney Lando Voyles is doing what he can to make sure that troubled veterans have access to counseling and mental health treatment. The program that he proposes would work with local law enforcement agencies to identify offenders who are also military veterans. The individuals would be evaluated and given the option of receiving treatment rather than jail time, if mental health issues exist.

Categories of Schizophrenia

For those individuals with undiagnosed mental illness, their behavior can be frightening not only to themselves but to the people around them as well. Not knowing the cause of their behaviors and not knowing what to do about them can lead to frustration and even despair. Being aware of some signs of a mental health disorder is helpful to these individuals and their families. For example, schizophrenia, a mental health disorder experienced by approximately 1 percent of Americans, has three categories of symptoms:

  • Positive. Delusions, dysfunctional thinking, hallucinations, agitated body movements.
  • Negative. Lack of facial expression, losing enjoyment in life, speaking very little.
  • Cognitive. Inability to process information, difficulty paying attention, memory problems.

Recovery Can Start Today

Treating mental health disorders takes time and requires patience on the part of the individual. Recovery is possible with appropriate professional care and support from loved ones. Don’t wait to contact our admissions coordinator to match your Maricopa family member to the right treatment center for their needs.

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