In Springdale

Too often, people take signs of depression lightly. Why? Many of the symptoms are internal and due to the isolation that often goes with the disorder, few people see the external symptoms of moderate to severe depression. When patients are still able to go to work and keep up the appearance of doing “fine,” it often isn’t until something serious happens – like the disappearance of one woman from Springdale, Arkansas who was suffering from depression.

Have you felt tempted to flee your life in Springdale due to the symptoms of depression? Unfortunately, leaving your location rarely addresses the internal struggle with depression and many patients find that they end up experiencing the same issues wherever they go.

Effective mental health treatment is by far the more successful way to handle the problem of depression. Before it affects you another day or drives you to make drastic changes in your life, contact us at the phone number listed above and get the help you need.

Handling Your Depression at Home

Though it is often necessary to seek professional mental health treatment to deal with clinical depression, there are things you can do at home to augment your treatment plan and improve your prognosis. You can:

  • Develop positive sleep patterns. Going to bed and waking up at the same times each day and getting quality sleep in between will improve your mood.
  • Maintain a nutritious, balanced diet. Cutting back on sugars and processed foods and increasing your fruit and vegetable intake can help you to feel better.
  • Regular exercise. Just 30 minutes of gentle exercise every day can improve both your physical and mental health.
  • Develop positive relationships. Good friendships can improve your mental health.

Find Treatment for Depression That Works for You

Call us today to find the right depression treatment program at a mental health treatment center that makes sense for you.