Can You Afford Eating Disorder Treatment?

Can You Afford Eating Disorder Treatment?

The fact that eating disorders have a higher death rate than any other psychological illness, including depression, is not a fact that is widely known. These fatal effects are usually due to failure of a person’s organs from malnutrition or from suicide. These lethal consequences are the fate of 20 percent of individuals who do not seek eating disorder treatment.

With help, however, the deadly effects of eating disorders can be reversed. How well the body is able to heal depends upon a variety of factors, but the most important of these is how early treatment is sought. As with most diseases, the quicker you get professional intervention the better the outcome will be because your body has endured less injury.

Unfortunately, many patients feel that they can’t afford to pay for eating disorder treatment and so don’t seek the treatment they need. Inpatient treatment can be expensive and medical care can quickly increase the cost. Can you afford eating disorder treatment?

Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment

Eating disorders are both medical and psychological issues, which means that different types of treatment are covered by health insurance. Under the medical portion of your insurance policy, you should be able to find coverage for some part of almost all of the care that you will need to help your body heal from malnutrition and organ dysfunction. Psychological treatment is necessary after you have been stabilized during the initial phase of treatment and for that, the mental health and wellness section of your health insurance should cover a percentage of these costs as well. The amount of coverage that you are eligible for will depend upon your state’s health insurance requirements, your insurance provider and the depth of coverage provided for by your policy. Call to speak to a representative to get a more concrete idea about how much financial assistance you can expect from your insurance company.

Other Options for Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment

Although insurance is usually the best option for most people paying for eating disorder treatment, there are a few other methods. Each rehabilitation program will accept different types of payment, so contact the eating disorder treatment centers you are interested in and discuss what other options they may offer. Some of these additional ways to pay may include:

  • Financial assistance
  • Loan
  • Medicare/Medicaid
  • Sliding scale payment
  • Borrow money from family or friends

Do You Need Help Paying for Eating Disorder Treatment?

If you need assistance paying for the medical and psychological care you need to fight bulimia, anorexia, binge eating or another eating disorder, contact us today. We can match you with a mental health treatment center that with work with your financial situation and help you come up with a plan to pay for the eating disorder treatment you need.