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A new controversial law in California is designed to help individuals who have mental health disorders to get the treatment they need. The law makes mental health treatment mandatory for individuals who have been ordered to get treatment but who will not comply. One of the goals of the legislation is the safety of the general public. By ordering individuals in towns like Bell Gardens, CA to be treated for their mental health issues, proponents of the law hope to prevent tragedies like those that happened in Colorado and Connecticut in 2012.

Helping a Loved One Recognize Their Need for Treatment

Sometimes, individuals with mental health conditions are unwilling or incapable of seeking help on their own. Some may not be aware that they have an issue; others may be aware but uninterested in getting help. When someone close to you refuses to seek mental health treatment for their condition, it may be necessary to stage an intervention. Because it is important to communicate concern and care for your loved one, there are some things to keep in mind when confronting them:

  • Mental health disorders are medical conditions.
  • The individual is not the cause of their condition. They are not to blame for their mental health issues.
  • Mental health issues affect millions of Americans each year.
  • Their condition is treatable.
  • They can learn to manage their symptoms and live a healthy productive life.
  • Refusing treatment can make their condition worse.

Take the First Steps Toward a New Life

If you believe that someone in your life in Bell Gardens needs help with mental health issues, getting them the appropriate care is important. To find out what treatment options are available for them, call the number above today to learn more.

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