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Depression, anxiety, eating disorders, stress, grief – all of these mental health issues affect people differently. Though there are standard therapies for dealing with these problems, a number of patients can benefit from augmenting their treatment with alternative therapies as well.

Unique mental health treatment programs address unique needs but in most cases, only the high-end and comprehensive centers offer these therapies. If you or someone you love in Bieber, California is interested in learning more about mental health treatment options in California and finding the one best suited to you, contact us today. Search Also: Redding Mental Health Programs.

Alternative Psychotherapy Options Can Improve Efficacy of Mental Health Treatment

Though family therapy and individual therapy are the most common types of psychotherapeutic options included in mental health treatment programs, there are a number of alternative types of therapy that can be extremely effective. Some options include:

  • Psychodrama. Re-enacting traumatic moments with the therapist by playing the parts of different participants and practicing difficult conversations are just a couple of ways in which psychodrama can help patients work through trauma.
  • Psychodynamic therapy. Exploring the subconscious and underlying emotions can be helpful in discerning motivations behind destructive behaviors. Psychodynamic therapy seeks to help patients do just that.
  • Light therapy. Those who struggle with seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression that often occurs in the winter months or the rainy season, may benefit from the use of a “light box” in order to increase mood.
  • Expressive therapies. Art therapy, music therapy, writing therapy, cinema therapy – anything that utilizes a creative outlet to explore emotions and possibility can be therapeutic and aid in healing.
  • Animal-assisted therapy. Equine-assisted therapy using horses is one of the most popular and evidence-based animal therapy, but therapies that work with dogs and cats are extremely effective as well, especially with patients who have a difficult time articulating emotions or recalling trauma.

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