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According to the California Department of Mental Health, there are more than 71,000 people living in Imperial County and more than 6,000 of them are living with a serious mental illness or emotional disturbance. That’s about 8.76 percent of the population – no small number. And it’s a problem that can affect everyone in Brawley, California. In fact, the costs of untreated mental health disorders can stack up and hurt everyone in the community – but none more than the family of the person who is not getting the mental health treatment they need to heal.

Costs of Untreated Mental Health Disorders

  • Financial. Mental health disorders make it difficult to hold down a job – both for the person suffering from the disorder and the family members tasked with caring for them. This can cut short the opportunities for everyone in the family.
  • Emotional. Those who are living with an untreated mental illness often hurt themselves and others with their words. Depression and anxiety are often co-occurring issues – if not primary issues – for everyone in the family.
  • Physical. In some cases, those with mental health problems can react violently when they feel they are being attacked – and they may feel that way for no reason other than their own delusions.
  • Future. With a present marred by untreated mental health symptoms, the future for everyone in the family can look bleak. Brighten the outlook for those you love by getting your afflicted family member into a mental health treatment program that can improve everyone’s quality of life.

Don’t Allow Untreated Mental Health Disorders to Hurt Your Family Another Day: Get Help Now

There is no reason for families in Brawley, CA to continue being hurt by the effects of an untreated mental illness. Contact us at the phone number listed above and talk to a representative about your options in treatment.

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