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ABC News reports that as many as one in five Americans struggle with a mental illness. From schizophrenia to mild depression, the effects may be minimal or they may be life-altering. If someone you love in Camarillo, California is living with the effects of an untreated mental health disorder, help is available. There is no need to allow another day to pass without getting the assistance necessary to manage any negative symptoms. It starts with one phone call to the phone number listed above. Call now to get started.

Identifying the Signs of Mental Illness

When are mental health symptoms actually just personality quirks or eccentricity and when are they a treatable issue? It depends upon the individual, the symptoms, and the impact those symptoms have on everyday life as well as the patient’s tolerance for the intrusion.

There are some instances, however, where treatment is necessary no matter what the patient’s opinion on whether or not mental health care is necessary. These instances include:

  • Any self-harm, including cutting, burning, suicide attempts, drug overdose and other dangerous behaviors
  • Any harm to others, including assault and ongoing abuse
  • An inability to care for themselves or manage the basics of their own life, including bill payment, job schedules, and personal care due to untreated mental health symptoms

If Mental Health Treatment Is Necessary, Don’t Wait to Call

Once you’ve identified the need for mental health treatment, don’t wait to make the phone call that will match you with the right mental health treatment program for your Camarillo loved one. Our counselors are standing by every hour of the day and night to assist you with your mental health treatment program needs. Help your loved one begin the treatment process today. Call now.

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