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Finding a mental health treatment center in Cathedral City, California that can provide you with what you need in terms of medical care and psychotherapeutic treatment is no simple feat. When different types of programs, insurance limitations and medical needs are all considered, it can sometimes seem as if there are few if any options near home.

The good news is that there are a number of cutting-edge mental health treatment programs near Cathedral City that can provide you and your family with the mental health treatment and pharmacological care you need to start healing. Contact us today for more information about the best programs for you. (See related: Palm Springs Mental Health Treatment).

Do You Need Treatment?

When you are living with a mental health disorder, it’s not always easy to tell whether or not what you are experiencing is normal or if the problems you are having in your life are directly connected to a mental illness. Here are a few signs that a mental health issue may be a problem – one that requires treatment:

  • Debilitating symptoms. If you find it difficult to function in everyday life or if you cannot get out of bed in the morning or perform basic tasks to take care of yourself due to depression, paranoia or anxiety, then mental health treatment may be necessary.
  • Hurting yourself or others. If paranoia, anger or depression is causing you to hurt yourself or others, it’s time to get help.
  • Medical conditions. If you are experiencing chronic health problems due to an inability to eat correctly or care for yourself, then a mental health issue may be the cause.
  • Hallucinations. If you hear voices, see people who others don’t see or otherwise imagine things that are not real, seek medical attention immediately.

Living With Bipolar Disorder

When actress Carrie Fisher bowed out of a recent speaking engagement near Cathedral City, CA, her mother Debbie Reynolds stepped in for her. Fisher had been hospitalized for a bipolar episode, preventing her from fulfilling her commitment. Based on her personal experience with bipolar disorder, she has spoken out throughout her career about her mental health struggles and has been an advocate for mental illness.

Bipolar disorder is a mental health condition causing individuals to fluctuate between a very high or manic state and a very low or depressed state. For those suffering from the disorder, life can be difficult, but there are ways to successfully manage bipolar disorder so an individual can live normally. Below are some basic components in treating bipolar disorder:

  • Long-term treatment. The ongoing nature of the disorder necessitates continuing treatment. Medications and treatments should be continued regardless of whether or not the individual is currently experiencing symptoms.
  • Combining methods. Successful management of bipolar disorder requires more than medication by itself. A multi-faceted approach is often the most helpful, one involving medication as well as counseling, social support, and changes in an individual’s lifestyle.
  • Professional counseling. Working with a psychiatrist who specializes in bipolar disorder helps the individual deal with the complexities of the disorder and the possible difficulties associated with treatment.

Locate Treatment Programs Near Cathedral City, CA

If you would like to learn more about the mental health treatment programs available to you near Cathedral City, California, contact us at the phone number listed above today.

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