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According to the California Department of Mental Health, Los Angeles County has a high percent of residents living with a serious mental illness (SMI) or a serious emotional disturbances (SED). Of the 9.3 million people living in Los Angeles County, it is estimated that more than 614,800 residents are diagnosed with an SMI or SED – about 6.58 percent.

If your family member in Compton, California is one of those included in this statistic, help is available. Don’t wait to contact us to find the best possible mental health care for your loved one.

Family Therapy Helps the Whole Family Move Forward

It is stressful to help a family member deal with the symptoms of mental health issues like bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression and others. It’s important that when the patient enters treatment, the rest of the family also has an opportunity to get the help and support they need as well. Learning how to avoid burnout and remain engaged in the healing process can increase the patient’s ability to make progress in treatment as well as maintain the bonds of the family. This happens when the family member learns:

  • How the disorder is affecting their loved one
  • How the treatment will change their experience with their family member
  • The signs of a relapse or issues with medication
  • Where to find support

Family therapy sessions that include the family member living with the disorder, personal therapy sessions for family members struggling with the issue, support groups comprised of others living with a similar problem, and educational workshops can all be beneficial.

Do You Need CA Mental Health Treatment? Call Now for Assistance

Learning how to deal with the problem of a mental health disorder starts when you find a mental health treatment program that can successfully take on your Compton, CA loved one’s disorder. Call now to find the right mental health treatment for your needs.

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