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Formerly named “The Drunken Indian”, Concord is the largest city in Costa County California. Considered to be the 202nd largest city in all of America, Concord is approximately thirty miles from San Francisco Bay. Boasting a population of over 150,000 residents, Concord is known for its Tedos Santos Plaza, which is a large farmers market, and a place to enjoy fantastic restaurants and concerts. Home of the Naval Weapons Station, this city is known for its contributions to the United States Army. Filled with custom-built homes, Concord has a booming economy for real estate and investors. Although Concord is considered one of the most beautiful places to live in America, the city is still plagued with some residents being addicted to drugs or alcohol, or suffering from depression. It is important for residents of Concord to know where to get the mental health help they require if they are suffering from substance abuse problems. (Related: Oakland Mental Health Treatment)

Types of Addiction and Mood Disorders

Addiction is a brain disorder that can break families apart, ruin careers and friendships, and create depression. Addiction to street drugs, prescription medication, or alcohol is a sickness that can affect anyone, at any age, of any social status. Addiction symptoms include mood changes, paranoia, compulsive drug use, and the inability to cope without the drug being abused. Addicts develop a high tolerance for their drug of choice, which leads to a preoccupation with addiction.

Depression symptoms include negative thoughts that cannot be controlled. Suicidal thoughts and behaviors are dangerous, and require immediate care. The inability to sleep or sleeping too much can also be a symptom of depression, including the inability to concentrate. Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness are apparent, and the disease seems to be a never-ending cycle of sadness.

Dealing with Depression and Addiction in Concord

Depression requires treatment that can teach the sufferer how to develop new coping skills. Medication and talk therapy is also a combination therapy that is often used. Frequent exercise and healthy eating habits are proven to lift depression, so it is important that the individual suffering takes personal care. Treatment for addiction often requires an outpatient behavior treatment center, or a residential treatment program. Stopping the use of drugs or alcohol can be dangerous, and medical supervision of detoxification and withdrawal is recommended. Counseling and medications are often administered, offering the addict new perspective and coping skills to use in the future. Concord has many facilities available for the treatment of depression and addiction, and are available for those in need.

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