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According to a news source near Encinitas, California, an old law was being addressed to determine whether or not it is legal to essentially outlaw certain mental health disorders for military members. Specifically, an ancient statute for military members that outlaws the act of suicide was reviewed for constitutionality.

Court records suggest that this rule was initially made back in World War II to discourage soldiers from faking their own deaths in order to evade military service. However, in an era where suicide rates among military members are higher than those among the general population, many argue that this rule will only discourage those who need it from getting the treatment they need.

If someone you love in Encinitas, CA is at risk for attempting suicide, don’t wait to intervene. Seek immediate help and then contact us to find a long-term, intensive mental health treatment program that can help them regain balance in their life.

Broaching the Subject of Mental Health Treatment

When someone is in crisis, it can be difficult to have emotional conversations about the future. Often patients who are depressed and suicidal can feel attacked, embarrassed and judged even when your sole intention is to help them get well. Some options for handling this delicate situation include:

  • Holding an intervention with other loved ones
  • Emphasizing that you love them and want what’s best for them
  • Pointing out that you see them having a hard time and that you want them to feel better
  • Recognizing that their issues are not their fault and are highly treatable

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Learn about the mental health treatment options that can help your loved one avoid suicide – including resources that can help you more effectively assist them in getting well. Call now to get started.

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