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Problem gambling can destroy lives – not just the life of the gambler but the lives of his or her family as well. You may recognize that gambling has become a problem for someone you love in Fairfield, California when you find that he or she is restless and irritable when trying not to gamble, often lies about gambling or about how much money was lost, steals to pay for more gambling or to pay back debt, and/or loses interest in anything that isn’t related to gambling.

When your loved one is unable to quit gambling alone, it’s time to seek treatment. Call now for more information.

Gambling Addiction Has Serious Consequences

Recently, the gruesome murders of five people in nearby San Francisco may have been linked to gambling addiction. Affecting more than the just the gambler himself and the finances of his family, an inability to stop gambling can harm close friends and loved ones as well as affect entire communities. Other negative consequences of problem and chronic gambling include:

  • Divorce. Few marriages survive the broken trust that comes with higher and higher debt and constant lying about gambling.
  • Bankruptcy. An inability to stop gambling usually means taking from the family coffers until nothing is left. Many are forced into bankruptcy.
  • Depression. The constant worry and stress as well as the inability to get back on top with a winning streak can lead to serious depression.
  • Substance abuse. Heavy drinking and abuse of illicit drugs are common among those who gamble – and so is a co-occurring disorder that also requires treatment.

Problem Gambling Is a Treatable Disorder

According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, about 85 percent of Americans have gambled at least once and 60 percent say they have gambled in the past year. Some types of gambling are legal in California. Is it a problem for you? Contact us today to speak to a counselor about how you can stop gambling and start living your life. Call now.

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