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Family members living with an untreated mental health disorder can disrupt the experience and cohesiveness of the entire family. If you are concerned that someone you care about is living with a mental health disorder, don’t wait to help them get the diagnostic and treatment help that they need. You can begin by contacting us at the phone number listed above. Let us put you in contact with the right mental health treatment services for your family’s needs. (See related: Los Angeles Mental Illness Programs)

Identify the Need for Treatment in Your Loved One

Though it is a painful process, identifying the issues that are causing you and other family members to believe that a mental illness may be a problem for someone you love is a crucial step down the road to recovery. You may see that your loved one is:

  • Having a hard time getting out of bed. Depression is one of the main issues that affect those with a mental health disorder. It can signify a depression disorder or a related issue.
  • Having a difficult time maintaining employment. Being on time, following through on directions, and maintaining a positive mood are difficult for those living with mental health issues; few can maintain employment.
  • Having difficulties caring for children. Caring for children is emotionally and physically difficult, and those who are living with mental instability will find it hard to care for others in a positive and consistent manner.
  • Having emotional issues. Whether it’s instability or severe extremes of anger or depression, this can be a sign that something more serious is the cause.

Enroll Your Loved One in a Treatment Center Near Garden Grove, CA Today

Find out more about your options for mental health treatment in Garden Grove or California when you contact us at the phone number listed above. Call now.

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