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The 2011 accidental shooting at Gardena High School in Gardena, California was a stark reminder of how things can go badly when someone who is in crisis does not get the mental health treatment they need. Even though the gun was unintentionally discharged after being dropped, bringing a loaded gun to a high school certainly indicates serious issues that would have benefited from mental health treatment and intervention. When someone is struggling and in pain or dealing with delusions and paranoia, the reaction to everyday stimuli can be extreme.

Are you concerned that someone you care about in Gardena, CA could hurt themselves or someone else? If you fear threat of violence, contact the authorities immediately, but if you are believe that your family member would benefit from the care and treatment of psychiatric professionals, contact us today for assistance finding the best program for your loved one’s needs.

Don’t Wait for a Crisis

If your loved one is in crisis due to untreated mental health issues, you’ve waited long enough to get help. The good news is that it’s never too late for mental health intervention and treatment to create positive results; your action now can save them untold heartache in the future. A comprehensive treatment plan can provide them with:

  • Medication necessary to balance mood and quell delusions or hallucinations
  • Regular support for daily challenges and obstacles
  • Tools to manage their symptoms on their own
  • Intensive psychiatric treatment to deal with trauma and other underlying issues

One Phone Call Can Change Your Family Member’s Life

Contact us at the phone number listed above and be matched to a mental health treatment program that can effectively help your Gardena loved one heal. Call today.

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