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La Habra, CA Treatment for Mental Health

Xanax is a benzodiazepine, a highly addictive prescription drug that plagues everyone from doctors to celebrities to people in your neighborhood – maybe even in your home. It’s an addiction that can be deadly, and if someone you love in La Habra, California is struggling with the disorder, don’t wait to get the mental health care they need to heal.

Addiction is both a physical disorder and a psychological disorder. Though physical dependence upon certain prescription drugs can happen to anyone who takes them for a long period of time, psychological dependence is what separates that experience from addiction.

Treatment for the disorder, therefore, must be both medical and psychotherapeutic in nature. Detox alone is not enough. Long-term psychological treatment is necessary for long-term recovery. Call now to learn more.

What Your Family Needs to Kick Drug Addiction

What should be included as part of the package when you enroll your La Habra loved one in drug and alcohol addiction treatment? The most effective treatment programs should:

  • Offer evidence-based treatment protocols
  • Provide a high number of specialists per patient
  • Include multiple check-ins, multiple personal therapy sessions per week, and personalized treatment plans for each patient
  • Provide access to medical care for detoxification and other acute medical needs
  • Offer long-term aftercare and support

Treatment for Addiction Can Start Now: Call Today

The more comprehensive the treatment provided by the drug rehab, the longer your loved one’s stay, and the more intensive the treatment program schedule, the more likely it is that your family member will be able to successfully build a strong foundation in recovery. Contact us at the phone number listed above today to learn more about the types of treatment available.