In Lynwood

Untreated mental health disorders can cause people to do things they wouldn’t if they had the treatment they needed. In 2012, a California Highway Patrol officer lost his life to a gunshot wound – and then the man who fired the shot was killed himself when another CHP officer shot him. The father of the man who killed the officer said that his son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder a few years prior but had received little to no follow-up care.

If someone you love is living in Lynwood, California with mental health symptoms that you believe are signs of a serious untreated disorder, call us today to speak to someone who can connect you with the comprehensive care they need.

Does Someone You Love Need Mental Health Treatment?

How do you know whether or not the issues your Lynwood loved one is experiencing are signs of a mental health disorder or just a bad day? Some indications include:

  • Symptoms last for an extended period. Depending upon the disorder, symptoms that last more than a few weeks or a few months indicate it’s time to get help.
  • Symptoms inhibit the ability to function. For example, phobias that stop your loved one from getting to work, school, or spending time with friends and family may require treatment.
  • Symptoms include self-harm. If your loved one cuts herself or in some other way harms herself or talks about committing suicide, mental health treatment is necessary.

Let Us Match Your Loved One to the Right Mental Health Treatment Program

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