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Everyone in Montebello, California and across the state is waiting to see what happens to health insurance in the United States. The coverage available for mental health treatment could possibly change if Obamacare does what it’s designed to do – for some, it could be better and for others, it could be worse.

Whatever happens with the future of health insurance in the United States, the option to choose private, evidence-based mental health care is always on the table. Learn more about the types of treatment services you can access and get the guidance you need to choose the best provider for your needs when you contact us at the phone number listed above today.

Do You Need Help Paying for Mental Health Treatment?

You’re not alone. Few people have the money set aside to pay for the treatment they need to effectively address a serious mental health disorder. However, that doesn’t mean that proper care is unattainable for you or your Montebello loved one. Most people pull together their resources from different places and come up with a plan that works for them. Options include:

  • Using health insurance coverage
  • Borrowing from concerned family members
  • Using savings (even savings allocated for other purposes)
  • Applying for financing

Choosing Not to Get Help Is Not the Answer

If you or your Montebello loved one is struggling with the effects of an untreated mental health issue every single day, it is simply not an option to avoid treatment. Improve your quality of life today when you contact one of our counselors, and get the guidance you need to choose the best mental health treatment program for you.

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