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According to National Alliance on Mental Illness Santa Clara County, about 40 percent of those living with a mental health disorder lack the insight into their illness to recognize that they need help or would benefit from mental health treatment. It’s an issue that is stopping thousands of people in Mountain View, California and across the state from getting the treatment they need to learn how to successfully manage negative mental health symptoms.

If you feel strongly that someone in your family in Mountain View is living with the signs of a mental health disorder but don’t know how to help them, contact us at the phone number listed above and speak to a treatment expert who can help.

Is Your Family Member in Denial About Their Need for Mental Health Treatment?

Technically called anosognosia, the lack of awareness of need for mental health treatment can be a major obstacle to learning to live a life of balance. But it’s not an obstacle that is impossible to overcome. If your family member is clearly in need of mental health treatment, you can help them get the help that they need even if they feel that they don’t need it. You can:

  • Talk to them about it, using details of different types of treatment available
  • Stage an intervention
  • If they are in danger of harming themselves, you may be able to get them admitted to treatment without their consent.
  • If they are unable to manage their affairs due to a mental health disorder, you have legal recourse to take over the management of their care.

Mental Health Treatment Is Available to All Who Need It

Anyone who needs to mental health treatment can find the care they need to heal. Call us now to locate the right mental health treatment program to help your loved one.