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Treatment For Mental Illness in Pleasanton

Suicide prevention is a big priority in California, and residents of Pleasanton, California are benefitting from the renewed commitment to public awareness sponsored by state and locally funded organizations. The more public service announcements, community events, and education efforts there are about suicide signs and prevention, the more lives will be saved in California and across the country.

If you are living in Pleasanton and having thoughts of suicide, it’s time to talk to someone. The right mental health treatment program can help you better understand what is going on behind those ideas and help you work your way back to a life defined by hope. Contact us at the phone number listed above today if you would like to discuss your options in mental health treatment.

Why Suicide?

In high school suicide awareness classes, they use the catch phrase “suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” For some teens struggling with self-esteem, high school drama and relationship issues, that phrase aptly describes the situation. However, for many adults who feel compelled to commit suicide, the problem may be rooted in an untreated mental health disorder. Some mental health disorders that may be the cause of suicidal thoughts include:

  • Bipolar disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • Severe depression
  • Personality disorders

Life Is Worth Living

If you are considering suicide as an option, mental health treatment is imperative. Simply talking to someone about your thought processes and the ideas that are crossing your mind – unbidden or not – can help you determine a more positive course. Though you may not think so now, there is a world of opportunity waiting for you. Contact us today to talk to someone who can match you with a mental health treatment program that’s right for you.

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