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Located in Los Angeles County, over 150,000 people call Pomona home. That makes the city the fifth largest in Los Angeles County. Due to its proximity to Los Angeles, portions of Pomona’s population have faced drug problems and mental illness. The big city of Los Angeles is no stranger to the vices of drugs and alcohol, making it easy to see why some of Pomona’s residents are battling addictions as well.

Apart from addictions, residents of Pomona also face many of the problems found in other cities pertaining to mental illness. Mental illness sufferers come in many forms, fighting through problems with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. With addictions and mental illnesses swimming about the area, residents can turn to the mental health treatment centers of Pomona for care and guidance. Even lower income sufferers will find many of these facilities dealing with addiction and mental health are free of charge.

Addiction Treatment

When an addict realizes they need help with their dependency on drugs or alcohol, a treatment center in Pomona is ready to extend a hand. Addicts undergo treatment in a variety of forms, including peer support sessions and one-on-one lessons. One of the most important ways for an addiction to get under control is by experiencing that peer support found at the drug treatment centers throughout Pomona.

Mental Health Treatment

While addictions take their own toll, living with a mental illness is far from easy. Sufferers of a mental health problem like manic depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety often live each day alone, not knowing who to turn to for help with the issues going on inside the mind. The treatment facilities in Pomona hone in on a sufferer’s mental illness, providing the necessary care to make life worth living again. With addictions, substance abuse, and mental illness plaguing portions of Pomona’s population, the mental health treatment venues in the area provide the support sufferers of all levels may need.

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