In Redlands

Sexual disorders are mental health disorders that are gaining increasing exposure in the media. Near Redlands, California, a workshop was held to address the issue of sex addiction and the wide-ranging effects it can have on a person’s life and relationships. Without help, the problem can affect your relationships at home and at work and ultimately affect your ability to function in the world.

Is sex addiction an issue for you? If you are living with a sex addiction in Redlands, CA, you don’t have to stay close to home to get treatment. You can find the anonymous treatment you need when you contact us at the phone number listed above. We’re here to help.

Sex Addiction or Bad Choices?

Many still debate whether or not sex addiction exists, holding off on seeking treatment for years even when it is apparent that their sexual behaviors are causing them problems in their everyday life. How can you tell whether your issues with sex are nothing more than a few poor choices – or a full-blown addiction?

  • Sex addiction is harmful to your health. You may compulsively have unprotected sex and contract an STD or develop other infections, abrasions or diseases related to your sexual habits.
  • You may have tried to stop – but been unsuccessful. If you have a couple of one-night stands and decide not to do that anymore and stick to your resolution, you do not have a sex addiction. But if you do it repeatedly and can’t control your urges, it’s time to seek help.
  • You continue to indulge in compulsive sexual behavior despite negative consequences. You may experience legal repercussions, relationship problems, health problems and other issue but still be unable to stop.

Sex Addiction Help Is a Phone Call Away

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