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Towns across California have become home to people from around the world seeking to leave traumatic and war-torn communities with the hope of building a better life in America. As a result, a number of communities in Redondo Beach, California and across the state are filled with immigrants dealing with the fallout of childhood and early adult experiences in their home country. It’s a significant mental health issue, but it’s one that can be successfully addressed and managed at an effective mental health treatment program.

Is someone in your family in Redondo Beach still living with harsh and traumatic memories of the past? Contact us at the phone number listed above to learn more about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and how it may be affecting your loved one.

‘Trauma’ Is More Than Just War

Many people associate the term “post-traumatic stress disorder” with soldiers returning home from military service in a battle zone. While this is certainly one type of trauma, there are a number of other types of incidents that can result in the need for PTSD treatment. These include:

  • Domestic violence
  • Natural disaster
  • Sexual or physical abuse
  • Life-threatening accident

Patients suffering from PTSD may have been a victim of any of the above incidents or witnessed someone else fall victim to the trauma; either way, the results are the same and only comprehensive mental health care will be able to successfully curb the symptoms.

Learn More About PTSD Symptoms and Treatment Options

All it takes to get started in a PTSD treatment program is a single phone call. Contact us today to talk about your loved one’s issues with trauma and find out how to help them make a new start through treatment.

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