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Riverside, California is located approximately 60 miles east of Los Angles. Riverside is the 12th most populous city in California. As of 2009, Riverside had an estimated population of 300,430. Unfortunately, this is home to many with anxiety and depression being two of the major problems facing this country seat city. (See related: Los Angeles Mental Health Treatment)

Anxiety, Depression and PTSD Signs and Symptoms

Anxiety is not always pathological or maladaptive: it is a common emotion along with fear, anger, sadness, and happiness, and it has a very important function in relation to survival. There is a common misconception that panic attacks can be self-treated. With proper guidance it can be calmed through individual or group therapy. Anxiety is considered to be a regular reaction to stress. When anxiety becomes extreme, it may fall under the classification of an anxiety disorder.

Depression: being: “… depressed, sad, hopeless, discouraged, or ‘down in the dumps”. Both clinical and non-clinical depression can also refer to a conglomeration of more than one feeling. Such a mixture can include (but is not limited to) anger, fear, anxiety, despair, guilt, apathy, and/or grief. This also includes post-partum depression. If left untreated it can lead into other physical health disorders. Not all treatments for depression include medication but different therapies to treat and survive.

PTSD, otherwise known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to one or more terrifying events in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened. It is a severe and ongoing emotional reaction to an extreme trauma. It can be caused from wars, childhood abuse, 9/11 or any number of life’s traumatic events either personal or global.

Finding Treatment for Mental Health Issues

There are many great centers to get help in the beautiful Riverside and Southern California that provide help to people with anxiety, depressive disorders, PTSD and addictions.

The key is to visit any of the facilities to see what is right for you or your loved one. All it takes to begin is a phone call.

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