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San Bernardino is known for housing the California State University, and a whole host of homes both new and old. Those away from home living the college lifestyle can struggle with the realities, and fail to know how to cope with the new pressures and independence. College students can therefore have higher instances of mental health disorders because of the changing lifestyles. Mental health issues might be present before, but can surface themselves when moving away to college. (See related: Los Angeles Mental Health Rehabilitation)

Understanding Mental Health Disorders

Major depressive disorder is a mental health disorder in which people feel low self-esteem and a general bad disposition. They usually withdraw from their regular activities and struggle to find joy in much of everything. It can be hard to deal with.

Sometimes with manic depression, it takes a while for symptoms to surface, at least as far as family and friends are concerned. In the early stages of a manic episode, the person may appear to be more sociable, active, talkative and creative than usual. There is no cure for manic depression at present, but many people have benefited from the use of monitored medication programs.

Counselling and Treatment for College Students

In San Bernardino, treatment options are available. Some students might find the best help and support available to them through the college, where they can receive subsidized or even free assistance to ensure that their lives or not to greatly impacted by the issues. Learning coping skills can ensure that college students can get on with their studies, and emerge successful members of society.

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