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Despite the high median income, lush surroundings and many amenities that Marin County has to offer, the county has one of the highest rates of suicide in the state. Families living in San Rafael, California and surrounding areas are encouraged to take note when a loved one seems to be struggling with issues of despondency, joylessness, hopelessness or self-harming behavior.

If someone you care about in San Rafael, CA seems suicidal, don’t wait to get help. Untreated mental health disorders can be deadly, and your intervention can be a lifesaver. Our counselors are available to assist you in finding effective mental health treatment for your loved one at the phone number listed above. Call now to get the information you need.

Untreated Mental Health Disorders Are Deadly

Physical symptoms are often taken more seriously by the general population than mental or emotional issues. Though untreated mental health symptoms can actually cause physical illness in some cases, the connection isn’t always readily apparent, and not getting treatment that can actually improve the situation can mean an even worse physical outcome, especially if the patient is suicidal.

Suicide Is Preventable

Intensive mental health treatment is the only viable solution when your loved one feels that there is no reason to live. No matter how much you love them and want them to get better, they need medical treatment to heal. Depression and suicidal tendencies are hallmarks of a mental illness – and medical illness can only be successfully addressed by medical treatment. Call now to learn more about the treatment services that will be able to help your San Rafael loved one and begin the enrollment process today.

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