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Residents of Torrance, California can find the mental health treatment they need simply by contacting us at the phone number listed above. Counselors are standing by to answer your questions about mental health care and assist you in locating a treatment center that will be able to provide you with what you need to heal. Call now. (See related: Long Beach Mental Health Centers)

Frequently Asked Questions

Many callers have similar concerns when they are beginning their search for mental health treatment. Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about mental health care treatment and their answers:

  • Do I need mental health treatment?
    This is a personal question and one that can be most effectively answered by a full diagnostic evaluation. In general, if you feel that symptoms you experience are causing problems at work, at home or interpersonally, and that these symptoms are caused by a mental health issue, there is likely a need for care that will aid you in finding balance in your life.
  • How do I know which mental health treatment program will work best for me?
    The best treatment for you will be determined by your medical and psychotherapeutic team based upon your diagnosis.
  • How do I find the right program for my needs?
    This, too, will depend upon your diagnosis as well as your family experience, co-occurring medical or mental health disorders, and other issues.
  • How do I pay for treatment?
    Paying for mental health treatment usually starts with health insurance. In most cases, insurance should cover a large portion of the cost. The rest can be paid for through financing.

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