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According to PCMag.com, more than 68 million Americans are living with a mental health disorder but only about 4 million of them are getting effective care. Does that describe someone you love in Turlock, California? How much are they giving up every day by avoiding the mental health treatment they need?

Contact us at the phone number listed above to discuss the different types of mental health treatment and therapies that are available to you and your family. The sooner your Turlock loved one begins treatment, the more effective that treatment will be. Call us today to start the discussion that could change your family member’s life.

Expected Improvements When Your Loved One Enrolls in Mental Health Treatment

What can you expect to see at home that is different after your loved one begins mental health treatment? Though no changes will occur overnight, with time and the proper treatment plan designed to meet your family member’s needs, you can expect to see improvement on the following fronts:

  • Improved mood. If mood swings are an issue, these should start to diminish. If depression or anxiety is an issue, a more balanced calm should become more the norm.
  • Improved organization. Many who live with untreated mental health symptoms have a difficult time organizing their lives effectively. This should improve with treatment.
  • Improved ability to work toward goals. Whether it’s getting a job, earning a promotion at work, or getting a degree, if you manage your mental health disorder, it doesn’t have to get in the way.
  • Improved relationships. It’s easier to communicate and have functional relationships when a mental health disorder is under control.

Find Mental Health Treatment That’s Right for Your Family Member Today

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