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Solano County is home to almost 95,000 people – more than 8,000 of whom are living with a serious emotional disturbance or mental illness. That’s 8.65 percent of the population, people who live all over the county, including Vacaville, California.

Is someone in your family fighting a mental illness? Do they need treatment to learn how to cope with the symptoms of their disorder? Contact us today to learn how you can help them get enrolled in a treatment program that will provide them with the medical care they need.

Helping Your Loved One Through Mental Health Treatment

Ready to help your family member get the most out of mental health treatment and stay on track as they progress? You can:

  • Keep a calendar of all the appointments for your loved one as well as when to take medications and in what dose. Keep a copy on the wall and mark off days as they pass so that it’s always clear what needs to happen next.
  • Make sure everything at home is calm. Keep arguments to a minimum and if you are living with high stress, vent it elsewhere through personal therapy appointments, massage, exercise and good nutrition.
  • Create and maintain a regular routine. If meals are served at the same time every day, waking up and going to bed are equally routine, and other activities happen on certain days of the week, it can help your loved one to find strength through stability.
  • Consider the details. Depending upon the mental health symptoms your loved one experiences, you may need to do things like implement safety features in bathrooms, remove dangerous substances from reach, explore group home options, and discuss power of attorney and other legal issues.

Help Your Loved One Find CA Mental Health Treatment Today

Don’t wait to get help for your Vacaville loved one. Call us today to get started finding the health care your loved one needs to learn how to deal with the symptoms caused by their mental health disorder.

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