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Visalia is located in the agricultural San Joaquin Valley, approximately 230 miles from San Francisco. Considered the 46th largest city in California, Visalia has a population of over 125,000 residents. Visalia is rich in agriculture, mountains and trees, and is a tourist attraction for many around the world. Downtown, the city boasts a booming economy, known for their spectacular music, food, and music festivals. Visalia is also prone to temperamental weather, and earthquakes. Unfortunately, some residents of Visalia endure problems with addiction and depression. It is important to understand the complications of addiction and depression, and to know where to turn to for help. (Related: Fresno Mental Health Treatment Centers)

Symptoms of Addiction and Depression

Addiction to illegal drugs, prescription medication, and alcohol is detrimental to one’s brain and mental health. Addiction ruins relationships, careers, and families, and is often uncontrollable. Known as a brain disease, substance abuse problems can create a person to lose weight, mood changes, induce psychosis, and paranoia. The individual who gets into drug abuse or alcohol addiction builds a high tolerance, and therefore becomes a compulsive drug user. Preoccupied with their addiction, the addict can no longer judge right from wrong.

Depression includes symptoms such as weight loss or gain, the inability to sleep or the ability to sleep too much, lethargy and sadness. Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness appear, and negative thinking cannot be controlled. Optimism seems impossible, and suicidal behavior can be a volatile option for those who are suffering from depression.

Options for Care and Treatment in Visalia, California

Fortunately, Visalia has many in and outpatient treatment facilities for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Residential treatments can also be utilized, providing medically supervised detoxification and assisted withdrawal. Medications and therapy is also a combination used to treat those with addiction and mood disorder problems, and has proven to be a key component to recovery. Therapy can often teach an addict better ways to cope with daily problems, as opposed to turning to drugs for comfort. Support systems are vital while the patient is in recovery, as friends and family create a safety net for their loved ones in remission. Treatment centers can help an addict to reintegrate into society, rebuild relationships, and mend families. Visalia has many places for people suffering from addiction and depression to turn to, so utilize their facilities and get the proper treatment required.

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