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A group of bipartisan senators, including Senator Barbara Boxer of California, recently introduced a new bill to improve and expand mental health care for mentally ill Americans. A supporter of mental health issues in the past, Senator Boxer also helped create the Defense Task Force on Mental Health in 2006. This new bill comes on the heels of a nationwide focus on the issues of gun control and mental health. This legislation highlighting mental health is intended to assist individuals who are struggling with mental health disorders and also hopefully help to prevent future tragedies.

Living With Mental Illness

For individuals currently living with a mental illness, getting relief from their symptoms may seem hard to imagine, but healthy ways do exist to cope with mental health disorders and their symptoms. NAMI Yolo County, which serves communities like Davis, West Sacramento, and Woodland, CA, offer some tips to help people deal with the symptoms of mental illness:

  • Get the best professional help that you can for your illness.
  • Learn to understand and manage your symptoms.
  • Set realistic goals and work towards them.
  • Do something constructive each day such as helping someone or fixing something.
  • Spend regular time with loved ones.
  • Choose physical activities that you enjoy and make them a part of your routine.
  • Enjoy good days and live the best life you can.
  • Avoid drugs and alcohol as they usually aggravate symptoms.

Overcoming Mental Illness

If you are suffering from mental health issues, you can be treated. Help is available to help you deal with your symptoms and enable you to live a more balanced life in Woodland. Call the number above now to learn more about getting the mental health treatment assistance you need.

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