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Many states across the nation have been concentrating on mental health issues in recent months. Colorado has been working to improve its own system, especially in the area of crisis response. Improvements to Colorado’s mental health system will include regional mental health crisis centers as well as a statewide crisis hotline. This means that people in towns like Littleton, CO, who find themselves in need of emergency mental health assistance will have more places to turn to for aid.

Helping Loved Ones Cope

Dealing with a mental health disorder is never an easy task; it’s difficult for the individual with the disorder and for their loved ones. Helping someone cope with their disorder by getting them professional help is one of the main steps toward recovery. However, loved ones also need to learn to cope with the individual’s condition. Below are some helpful coping strategies for those close to someone with mental health issues:

  • Realize that you cannot cure your loved one, but that you can love, support and help them.
  • Educate yourself in order to understand and accept your loved one’s condition.
  • Stay flexible as you interact with your loved one; their symptoms may cause their behaviors to be different from day to day.
  • Don’t take your loved one’s actions personally.
  • With your loved one’s permission, interact directly with their care providers to learn about the specifics of their condition.

The Help They Need Is a Phone Call Away

If you believe that someone you love in Littleton suffers from a mental health disorder, there are ways to help them. Call us today to discover how mental health professionals can help them learn how to cope with their disorder.

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