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Connecticut has the reputation of a rich person’s paradise. But although many consider Connecticut to be a wealthy and prosperous state, a number of its residents suffer from various types of addiction and depression within its borders. From Stamford to New Haven, there are men and women of all socio-economic groups living with mental illness or addiction. Understanding the different types of Connecticut mental health treatment centers at their disposal can be the difference between effective treatment and living with the condition for years.

Addiction, Depression, and Anxiety in Connecticut

Whether someone is addicted to legally prescribed medications like Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax and others or to illegal drugs like cocaine, heroin or crystal meth, the problem affects more than just the addict. Family members, others in the community, and co-workers all experience loss as well. Addiction is not bounded by culture, gender, age, socio-economic status: many Connecticut residents, whether employed and wealthy or poor and homeless, suffer from addiction.

Though it is possible for anxiety, depression and addiction to exist alone, in many cases, anxiety or depression disorders are present before addiction begins. In other cases, drugs of addiction cause anxiety and depression. No matter how it unfolds, all of these issues are unhealthy for the body, the spirit and the mind. Don’t wait to start the healing process: help is available in Connecticut now.

Help with Addiction and Depression in Connecticut

Family doctors can help source a reliable venue to cope with drug addiction and mental disorders. These serious disorders often require medical assistance as well as psychological and therapeutic treatment. There are many drug rehabilitation centers in Connecticut that can be found in your local telephone book. Connecticut hospitals are also an excellent source to go to for help with problems with substance abuse and depression. Addiction is not hopeless, although sometimes seemingly impossible to conquer. Connecticut residents are fortunate to have so many options for aid with substance abuse issues and mental health.

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