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Do you know someone in Norwalk, Connecticut who seems to shift from high energy, highly social periods to a depressive and angry mood at the flip of a switch? If so, bipolar disorder may be the cause. Once known as manic depression, bipolar disorder is a mental health problem defined by significant “mood episodes.” Though these mood swings can be debilitating and often come with co-occurring disorders, bipolar disorder is an issue that can be treated with comprehensive mental health care.

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Bipolar Disorder

The different types of mood episodes are what define the different types of bipolar disorder. Each one comes with specific issues and can cause a different range of problems both for the patient and for his or her family members. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), these different types of episodes include:

  • Manic episodes. Mania is often defined by a period of high energy, high activity, chattiness and/or extreme happiness. Many patients enjoy this state and often try to avoid treatment because they don’t want to lose these “high” periods. These episodes can last a week or more and often result in the patient being hospitalized.
  • Depressive episodes. Depression, feelings of emptiness, intense worry and a loss of interest in things they usually enjoy defines a depressive period.
  • Hypomania episodes. Hypomania is similar to mania but it doesn’t last as long, nor does it usually require emergency medical treatment. Patients often feel that they are fine in these episodes but without treatment, they can often move into mania or dissolve into severe depression.
  • Mixed state episodes. Agitation, an inability to sleep, appetite changes and suicidal thoughts can be a part of mixed state episodes. Many patients describe feeling depressed even while they are energetic and active.

Any of the above states may also come with delusions and psychosis. For those in a manic state, this may manifest as believing that one is a god or all-powerful. For those in a depressive state, this may mean believing oneself to be a criminal that is being pursued by the law.

Mental Health Treatment for Norwalk, CT Families

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Other Issues Facing Norwalk: PTSD

Trauma and post-traumatic stress are issues that will not go away without treatment. Childhood trauma, wartime trauma, sexual and physical abuse – the effects of these issues will not go away or loosen their grip on your ability to function healthfully until they are processed in a therapeutic environment.

Mental health disorders like trauma plague almost 150,000 people in Connecticut. Are you struggling with symptoms of a mental illness in Norwalk, Connecticut? Find a treatment program that can address your specific issues today when you call the number listed above.

Dealing With Traumatic Stress

Whether or not you choose to address your issues of trauma directly, you will not be able to avoid the symptoms of stress, fear, anxiety and depression that will result without treatment – but you can do some work on your own to get started. Start by:

· Acknowledging your feelings. Don’t pretend that the trauma didn’t happen or that you are not experiencing the effects.

· Don’t obsess over the incident. If you find yourself plagued by memories of the inciting trauma, purposefully turn your thoughts to something more positive. Do this repeatedly if you have to.

· Talk to a therapist about what you experienced – both the trauma and how it affects you every day.

· Don’t judge yourself. Everyone reacts to trauma differently. There is no right or wrong response.

Treat the Trauma, Treat the Stress

When you address the inciting traumatic incident, you can decrease the level of stress that you experience in your day-to-day life. That can begin when you contact us at the phone number listed above and speak to a counselor who can guide you to effective mental health treatment programs that are available to Norwalk, CT residents. Call now to begin..

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