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Stamford is the fourth largest city in the state of Connecticut. Located in the South Western part of Connecticut, Stamford has a population of approximately 3,101 people per square mile. This city excels in education, boasting nine out of ten people being High School graduates. Many Fortune 500 companies are located in Stamford, making its economy rank top in the state. Home of the Headquarters for World Wrestling Entertainment, the city is enthusiastic about sports, education, and entertainment. Claimed to be the 11th safest city in all of America, according to the FBI. Although Stamford excels in many things, the city still has problems with residents facing addiction and depression. Fortunately, the state of Connecticut, and the city of Stamford, is rich in healthcare and social services to help those in need.

Depression and Addiction Signs and Symptoms

Depression is a mood disorder where one cannot process daily life in a positive and healthy manner. Symptoms of depression include the inability to sleep, eat, or concentrate, oversleeping or eating too much, and a constant feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Negative thoughts cannot be controlled, and sometimes can lead to suicidal behavior or thoughts. Self-loathing and damaged relationships are also symptoms of depression.

Addiction comes in many forms. Someone can be addicted to illegal drugs, alcohol, or even prescription medication. Addicts become preoccupied with their addictions, often neglecting work, family and friends in the process. Mood changes and weight loss are often symptoms of addiction, as the person abusing a substance develops a high tolerance.

A Way Out of Addiction: Treatment in Stamford

Addiction often requires some sort of intervention between the addict and the people he loves. In and out patient treatment centers are available in Stamford, often at affordable rates. Residential treatment is also available in Stamford, for those that are unable to leave their homes. Assisted withdrawal or detoxification is often necessary with medical supervision. Counseling and medication are often preventative steps and coping methods for an addict or depressed individual to use instead of turning back to drugs. Support systems from friends and family are vital for recovery, as is getting full treatment for an adequate amount of time. Addiction and depression are curable, and Stamford is fortunate to have such outstanding treatment facilities.

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