Program Costs

The Costs of Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

Treatment for crystal meth addiction is essential as the relapse rate without help is around 92 percent. With treatment, many of the factors that lead to relapse in most meth addicts are eliminated when the symptoms of withdrawal are controlled. Despite the need for treatment, many addicts are concerned about the costs of crystal meth treatment. In order to make an informed decision about finding an affordable option, addicts need to understand the options available and what they cost, as well as what benefits they’ll get from the different types of crystal meth treatment.

The costs for crystal meth treatment do vary, based upon the type of treatment selected. Each has their own benefits and meth addicts can choose based on what’s affordable for them. Any treatment is better than none. A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental-Heath Services outlines that outpatient treatment on average costs around $1,400 for the complete program. These costs do increase however, when medication is used to manage the withdrawal symptoms of crystal meth. Methadone is most commonly used to treat meth withdrawal and the costs of outpatient treatment with it included are on average around $7,400.  Inpatient treatment for meth addiction is, of course, the most costly option, as there is around-the-clock care and treatment available and individuals live on-site at a rehab facility. The average cost of inpatient treatment is more challenging to gauge because the different services and amenities can dictate the cost. So can the length of a crystal meth addict’s stay at the treatment center. It’s not unusual for crystal meth treatment that takes place on an inpatient basis to cost upwards of $10,000.

Which Treatment to Choose

With two main formats for crystal meth treatment – inpatient or outpatient treatment – addicts looking for treatment help have options. There are different costs naturally associated with each meth rehab format, and while they do vary greatly, there are different benefits from the rehab choices:

  • Inpatient Treatment – Inpatient crystal meth treatment is often considered more beneficial to the recovery of a crystal meth addict than outpatient treatment for a variety of different reasons. First of all, addicts living in a rehab facility are completely removed from their lifestyle that was conducive to drug use. They don’t have access to drugs or bad influences while in rehab. On top of that, they have constant medical and non-medical treatment. This essentially means that support is there for them when they need it so they don’t need to worry about hanging on until their next scheduled appointment. The detox process is also supervised and individuals can receive medication to help them overcome withdrawal symptoms as required, which better alleviates the desire to use. Inpatient rehab is more expensive, but it does often bring better results just because of the environment that addicts are placed in for recovery.
  • Outpatient Treatment – With outpatient treatment, crystal meth addicts live at home,. This means it can be harder for them to remove themselves from the drug use lifestyle. Detox help is available, but it requires meth addicts to go daily to pick up their medication from a specified location as they are only distributed one at a time. If a dose is missed, they may suffer withdrawal effects; when they’re unable to tolerate those withdrawal symptoms, they may choose to use meth again. Support is available to individuals in outpatient treatment in the form of one-on-one counseling or group sessions. There are still extensive benefits from outpatient treatment, and because it’s not quite as intensive as inpatient treatment, the costs are not as great.

Either option can help a meth addict through the process of recovery. Affordability can dictate which option is selected, so it is important that addicts know that any mental health treatment helps.


In some circumstances, private health plans do cover rehab on an inpatient or outpatient basis as well as the medication required for crystal meth detox. There may be limits upon the amount the health plan will pay for but if meth addicts look into these options, they may find that rehab care is more affordable than they thought. There are also subsidized facilities and no-cost treatment placements for individuals that fall into different categories, so there are other options for meth addicts who don’t think they can afford to get the help they require.

Finding Help

Outpatient and inpatient treatment centers are available all across the United States offering treatment for crystal meth addiction.