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In 1997 in southern Florida, Broward County established the very first mental health court in the nation. This new branch of the court system was developed when a task force recognized how poorly the legal system was dealing with mentally ill offenders. Over the years, this court has helped keep people in towns like Coconut Creek, Florida from serving jail time when their actual need was treatment and professional care. A team of people works with each offender to evaluate them and figure out the best routes to recovery.

The Recovery Process

Like the court in Broward County, mental health advocates understand that the focus should be on treating the mental health issues behind the behaviors. The first step in recovery and learning to live with mental health symptoms is recognition. After that, the recovery process can begin. Below are some possible steps towards recovery from a mental health disorder:

  • Invest in therapy. Talking through issues and thoughts with a mental health professional.
  • Take care of your body. Engaging in regular exercise and physical activity, making healthy food and drink choices, and limiting certain things like alcohol, caffeine and sugar.
  • Take your medications. Sticking to the schedule and dosage set up by your doctor.
  • Get enough sleep. Establishing a regular sleep routine.
  • Talk to someone who cares. Finding a good friend or family member who will listen and walk through the process with you.

Starting the Process

Recovering from mental health issues isn’t easy, but it is possible – and rewarding. Call the number listed above today to start the journey towards better mental health and a better life in Coconut Creek when you speak with an admissions counselor about your options in care.