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Children who are depressed and/or angry often express their sadness by hurting themselves. Self-harm through cutting or burning is a serious issue and one that should be addressed through mental health intervention immediately. This can be the precursor to drug and alcohol abuse or even suicide.

Unfortunately, a recent study found that six out of every 10 young people brought to the emergency room for treatment after acts of self-harm did not receive mental health treatment or a referral to a doctor who could help them. It’s a disturbing trend and one that parents should remedy if healthcare professionals do not intervene.

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Early Intervention Can Translate Into a Lifetime of Healing

Ignoring the early signs of mental health issues can mean serious problems for a young person. Because they are so young, these symptoms can be confused for “normal” teen hormonal issues, causing them problems that include:

  • Falling behind in school
  • Losing positive relationships
  • Trying out unhealthy things (e.g., drug abuse, unprotected sex, etc.)
  • Increased isolation
  • The worsening of mental health symptoms

The Sooner You Intervene, the Better

If you see troubling signs of depression, anxiety, belligerence, anger and other uncharacteristic personality traits in someone you love in Deerfield Beach, don’t wait to take action. Mental health treatment can identify serious mental illnesses like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder that require medication as well as provide therapeutic intervention for other issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, eating disorders, etc.).

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