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Thanks to a heightened public awareness and better education among medical professionals, patients struggling with addiction issues and mental health problems are more often receiving accurate diagnoses. With better diagnoses comes an increased need for mental health care. But are Floridians getting the help they need to heal?

If you are living in Lakeland, Florida and you are fighting anxiety, depression or symptoms of an unidentified mental health disorder, don’t wait another day to enroll in mental health treatment. Contact us to find a program that can help you.

Addiction and Mental Health Disorders Are a Problem in Florida

According to the Florida Department of Children and Families, there are a number of different population groups in Florida who are struggling as a result of mental health problems and substance abuse issues. Some of the statistics include:

  • About 25 percent of the more than 57,000 Floridians who call themselves homeless also said that they had a disabling condition in 2009. More than 35 percent of this group said that their disabling condition was drug or alcohol dependence, and just under 28 percent said that their disabling condition was a mental health disorder.
  • Between 25 and 50 percent of men who committed acts of domestic violence were dependent upon drugs or alcohol.
  • A large number of people who commit violent crimes were raised by parents who abused illicit substances, including alcohol.
  • Violence and abuse has been linked to a higher risk for the development or exacerbation of a mental health disorder.
  • Living with a serious mental health disorder increases a woman’s chances of becoming the victim of abuse.

Drug Addiction and Mental Health Disorders: Both Are Treatable

Florida is the fourth most populous state in the country yet their funding for mental health treatment services per capita is ranked 49th and the funding per capita for drug and alcohol addiction treatment services is 37th. In short, it’s not easy for those in Lakeland, FL to find the mental health treatment they need. Don’t limit yourself; contact us today to learn about your options in mental health care and drug rehab.

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