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South Florida mental health treatment facilities are notorious for “questionable” billing practices, according to the Miami Herald. In fact, it’s such a rampant problem that state inspectors are cracking down, causing treatment programs near Largo, Florida to tighten their financial belts. This can mean lesser quality of treatment for patients, lesser availability for current treatment programs, and fewer resources to utilize during treatment. It’s a serious issue and one that has many Largo, FL families looking outside the state for the mental health care they need.

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Leaving Town Can Be a Benefit in Mental Health Treatment

If you opt for an inpatient mental health treatment, choosing one that is out of town or out of state can be an excellent choice. There are so many benefits that amplify the medical care and therapeutic treatment that go beyond the state-sponsored, bare-bones treatment programs close to home. These include:

  • Peaceful estates that improve the feeling of tranquility that can be crucial to the healing process
  • Spa-like amenities that feel less like a hospital and more like a retreat to promote spiritual rejuvenation
  • Lower patient-to-staff ratio, allowing for more personalized care
  • Physical distance from home can increase psychological distance from triggering issues and increase the level of focus on therapeutic growth

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