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In the wake of the Newtown, CT shooting incident in 2012, Florida residents responded with an onslaught of applications for concealed weapons and became the first state to issue more than a million permits for the carrying of a hidden firearm.

It’s clear that North Miami, Florida residents and others across the state are concerned for their safety. The anxiety that follows a devastating event like a mass shooting can cause people to experience a range of emotions. For many, time and a few reasonable protection measures taken to feel more safe are enough to work through the problem, but for others, it can contribute to an existing mental health issue or trigger symptoms that are chronic and require treatment.

If someone in your family in North Miami, FL is dealing with overwhelming feelings of anxiety or depression, mental health treatment can provide relief. Call today for information about the resources that will benefit your loved one.

The Stress of Trauma

Living with the anxiety and depression that comes after a trauma like a massive crime or a natural disaster can affect even those who are thousands of miles away from the event. Especially if anxiety or panic is already an issue, a devastating incident can create high anxiety even when it happens to strangers. The best way to handle it? Professional mental health intervention that allows you to process the event in a safe and structured environment can also provide you with the tools you need to learn how to deal with other stressors healthfully.

Mental Health Treatment Is Available Today

Dial the phone number listed above and speak to a mental health professional about your options in mental health treatment. We’re here to help. Call now.

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