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Discovering a creative outlet is one way for individuals with mental illness to find relief from their symptoms. Creativity also serves as a means for these individuals to express themselves in ways that go far beyond words. In Panama City, FL, an art show displayed the works of local artists, some of whom struggle with mental illness. The May 2013 exhibition served as a showcase for the power of the arts and their ability to help people learn to cope with their mental health issues.

Getting Creative in Therapy

Feeling misunderstood is a common experience of individuals suffering from mental illness. Having an outlet for creative expression, such as painting, dance, or music can give others a glimpse into their experiences. Using these therapies to complement traditional treatments, some individuals can make progress by regaining a sense of ownership over their thoughts and feelings. Several creative therapies and their descriptions are listed below:

  • Art therapy. Drawing, painting or sculpting can be used as a language for the individual to express emotions and thoughts that they may not be able to verbalize.
  • Dance therapy. Apart from having a positive effect on the individual’s overall health, dance or movement therapy can help alleviate symptoms of some disorders.
  • Music therapy. The individual may write complete songs, compose only the music, or focus on lyrical content to relate their experiences.

Creating Better Health

The road to better mental health begins by taking small steps. Take the first step today by calling us at the number here to learn about treatment options. Discover how you can create a better future for yourself, your Panama City loved one, and your family through better mental health.

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