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West Palm Beach, Florida is home to thousands of retired seniors, many of whom have traveled far from home to spend their golden years in sunny Florida. Because family is often far away, this group is more likely to live with mental health disorders that are untreated – often because it is assumed that symptoms are nothing more than old age taking its toll or the side effect of a new medication.

If someone you know is living in West Palm Beach, Florida and possibly dealing with the symptoms of a mental health disorder, help is available. Call now to find out how you can connect them with the help they need to heal. See Related: Lake Worth Mental Health Centers.

Help Your Friend or Family Member in West Palm Beach Heal

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) supports friends and family members taking an active role in the healing and mental health treatment of their loved ones. It’s important that you offer as much help as you can, even if you live far away. Long distance support isn’t easy, especially when you are busy taking care of your immediate family, but it is possible to aid and assist your loved one even if they live in West Palm Beach. Here’s how:

  • Call to connect them with care. Even if you can’t be there, you can help them find an appropriate treatment center and handle all the details of setting up the appointment. You can even call a cab to pick up your loved one at the appointed time or hire an in-home care provider to escort them.
  • Reach out regularly. Email, telephone – even send a letter by snail mail. The more often you reach out and check in, the more likely they are to stay the course in treatment.
  • Visit. If you live nearby, stop in regularly and spend time with your loved one. If you live far away, make arrangements for them to come see you or for you to fly or drive out and visit them.
  • Encourage them. Remind your loved one that time and treatment are the best help and that healing will come with patience.

Discover What You Can Expect From Treatment Today

Learn how you can help your loved one in West Palm Beach heal from a mental health disorder. Call now.

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