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A stay of execution was granted to a man on death row in Florida when it became clear that he was about to be executed despite his mental illness. A mass killer, the stay demonstrates just how serious mental health issues can be – and how necessary it is to get effective treatment.

Not everyone who suffers from a mental health disorder in Weston, Florida is risking the same fate as the man above. But the repercussions of a life lived without help when mental health treatment is needed are serious.

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Start Small and Build Up

If you are overwhelmed by the prospect of an inpatient treatment program or a mental health treatment plan that includes multiple sessions every week, then start small. Begin by making an appointment with a psychiatrist who can guide you through the diagnostic process and help you develop a treatment plan that works for you. One session with a therapist each week is an excellent start as you begin to address symptoms that are causing issues in your life. If you need more sessions or different types of therapy, you can always add on later.

Not Sure Where to Begin?

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