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Gambling Addiction Treatment Options

Gambling addiction is classified as a mental illness by the mental health help professionals and by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH).

Because it is an illness, gambling addiction requires psychological gambling addiction treatment to stop gambling effectively.

If you are part of the nearly 5 percent of Americans who struggle with some form of gambling addiction, you have a number of gambling addiction treatment options to choose from: 12 step programs, therapy and counseling, and inpatient treatment programs. These are all great options for getting the gambling addiction treatment help that you need.

If you are looking for a gambling addiction treatment center or group near you, call us at the phone number listed above. We can help you locate the type of treatment or service that you need to heal from gambling addiction.

12 Step Programs

Gamblers Anonymous is the 12 step program dedicated to helping gamblers recover from their gambling addiction. Much like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), the addiction of gambling is seen as an issue that can be overcome when you give up control of your life to a higher power and work with a sponsor to apply the 12 steps and traditions to your life. Free of charge, GA can help gamblers find a supportive community of people who understand what they’re going through and be there when they have a hard time and feel tempted to falter. All you need is the desire to stop gambling.

Therapy and Counseling

Cognitive behavioral therapy has been shown to be a very effective method for treating gambling addiction on an outpatient basis. Unlike Gamblers Anonymous, cognitive behavioral therapy and counseling is medically based with regular progress reports and a personalized treatment program that is monitored continually. One-on-one sessions provide you with the chance to safely talk through the issues you’re having and discuss your progress in applying your treatment when at home without judgment. As you learn how to implement the skills learned in therapy, your therapy will expand to look at causes and sources of stress that may fuel your gambling addiction and help you find joy, escape and balance elsewhere.

Inpatient Programs

Most commonly advised for those who are living with a dual diagnosis of gambling addiction and another addiction (i.e. substance abuse addiction: cocaine addiction, crystal meth addiction, alcoholism, et cetera) or psychological disorders (i.e. ,depression, anxiety, et cetera), dual diagnosis inpatient programs are extremely effective in treating gambling addiction. Here you can get treatment for both disorders at the same time, learning new principles for your life that will be effective in a number of different areas. You gain the support you need to grow at your own pace and have a home base that is safe and supportive as well as free from temptation.

Gambling Addiction Treatment Options for Loved Ones

Many times problem gamblers don’t realize how greatly their addiction is affecting their family. About 75 percent of gambling addicts are men and a large percentage of those have families at home. In these cases, choosing gambling addiction treatment helps the gambler, but it can also change the lives of their partners and children at home. (See: Gambling Addiction Facts)

If your loved one is a problem gambler or a gambling addict, an intervention can help them get the treatment they need. Sit down with your family member and show them how their actions have hurt them and the family then give them the gift of gambling addiction treatment options.

Here are a few tips to help you provide your family member with a gambling addiction intervention:

  • Include friends and family who love and respect your loved one despite the gambling addiction.
  • Choose a date, time and place that will fit naturally into your loved one’s schedule.
  • Seek help and support as you go through this process. A professional interventionist may be appropriate if you are too emotionally close to the situation.
  • Make sure that your loved one understands that if they choose not to accept one of the gambling addiction treatment options that you will no longer support them and their addiction financially or emotionally.
  • Call us at the phone number listed above. We can help you secure a place in gambling addiction treatment for your loved one or match you with an interventionist in your area.