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Augusta, Georgia Mental Health Treatment Center Listings

Augusta, Georgia has its name recognized around the world due to singer James Brown and the Augusta Masters Tournament for golf that takes place annually. It’s the second largest city in the state of Georgia, after Atlanta and is a major urban center with a larger economy for industry, especially in the business sector.

Addiction and Depression in Georgia

Addiction can be to drugs or alcohol and it’s serious. It needs to be reviewed by a team of medical professionals because it is considered a mental disorder. Substance abuse of alcohol, street drugs, or prescription medication can lead to mood changes, weight loss, and inability to cope without the drug. It can really affect the life of an addict who may become secretive, and preoccupied with their addiction, which can cause great stress to friends and family members. Compulsive drug use also leads to developing a high tolerance, which is dangerous for the body as well as for the mind, and the results can last long-term.

Depression can be linked to addiction or it can be isolated. It includes symptoms of a feeling of helplessness or hopelessness, and can lead to an inability to sleep or oversleeping, over eating or loss of appetite. These are coping mechanisms to deal with the negative thoughts are uncontrollable. Suicidal behavior can be a reaction from depression, so treatment is vital.

Treatment in Augusta, Georgia for Mental Health

Rehab facilities and other centers are located in Georgia near Augusta to provide the support that individuals need in order to overcome their addiction and mental health issues. Help is usually a necessity, as these things can be hard to overcome independently.

Augusta Treatment Centers

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